The Rule of The Childhood in the Forest

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  • BTW, Why it is 48 Roman?

    • Because there are four letters in a word "pile" and 8 letters in the words "of leaves"

      There is no reason why exactly 48. I always use random numbers for the things like that.

  • ♥♥♥

  • Hahahaaa... love it! I'm right behind you. XD Although.... wait... let me first examine the pile of leaves, for obvious reasons. :-DD 

    • That pile of leaves only looked big. I got scared when it started to squash :D I guess it's because my weight is bigger than the last time I jumped like that.

  • :) a nice jump 

       Welcome back Roman 

    • Thank you, Rosemary :)

  • Welcome back, Roman! How have you been?

    • Thank you, Robbie! I'm fine, but busy.

This reply was deleted.
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