The Philippines Paradise of Asia.

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This video to my friend Lynne and Anele from the Philippines .. To the Filipino people .. All friends ..I adopted in the creation of this video and in the collection of this informations about Philippines(photos.....) from the free encyclopaedia in English and Arabic language...I only hope I did not fall in any mistake in this videoThanks.

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  • I hope you can visit our country Ameur.. :)

  • Thanks Mishaikh for your comment.

    Have a good day.

  • Nice and touchy!

  • Thanks Ricardo for your comment,I am glad you liked the video.

    Have a good time.

  • You're welcome Ameur. hmmm... your reply is so impressive. God bless!

    Thanks again.



  • What a beautiful country. Thanks for share us that wonder.
  • You welcome Anele,I am Algerian Filipinos now :)) and thanks to you too for everything..
    Anele I should tell you something in public and is not a compliment from a friend but the truth of my follow through to your posts and your answers here ..You are the great here..
    Take care dear Anele.
    friends always.
  • Dear Anele and Lynne.I am really happy you liked my work about your beautiful country Philippines it is really wonderful!!!!and I am so happy to see your comments here together.Because your friendship(Anele and Lynne) means to me my happiness ..
    Friendship is the greatest.. it is not only a word..and is not affected by never any misunderstanding or a competition between friends or a difference of opinion.. :)
    Dear Anele and Lynne.I am very lucky to have friends from the Paradise of Asia Philippines..and I hope that we will remain friends whatever the circumstances ....
    Yes dear Anele.I am really impressed when I saw the big volcano in the photo it is the magic of nature there.and many other places...
    My best wishes for you Anele and Lynne,and peace to my second country Philippines.

  • This video was beautifully done. I sincerely hope and pray that my home country will always stand firm as a nation and its people to endure all the trials in life. Thanks Ameur.

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