The perfect future woman :p

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this is a worthy successor of the female population: bla bla bla bla

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  • Wow!!

    I have someone who speaks the same way in my house.

    Rayan; my son, was watching the video and laughing?

    Dreamer, he can explain but who can understand him!!!!!

  • DG u seems tired , here is the meaning of Notears from she were baby untill the future Notears 


  • Nadyahonly Notears who can explain what that mean , come on notears
  • kbkfgakdqdqiggwr7w91701ue18e1e10u1e1ewfJXBKCACx ...


    Ooh I don't know about this code ... Could all friends here help me to translate this words?

    lol Dreamer ... ;)



  • how cute notears was :D

    I understand now why she chose her Id as Notears ...just when i see her comment evrywhere i am die of laught :D even on Fb , she is evrywhere untill her pillow miss her

  • I agree with Anele, too. :D
  • Lol Rabab, I agree with you! :D
  • oh how a cute child u were my dear notears.

    hehe I can imagine how your family was / is suffering May Allah help them and us loolz

    Thanks Dreamy ;) for sharing

  • lolz!!!gigalike!

    I saw it yesterday on FB!


  • lol nida he will not stop laughting :D
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