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Is it illegal for drivers to use mobile phones in your country? Do you text and drive?

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  • Thank you for sharing this video, Tara! It is important to practice self-discipline while driving. Using cellphones or hand-held gadgets should be prohibited while driving because it distracts the attention of the driver, as well as putting other commuters at risk. I'll not definitely use my mobile phone while driving!

  • It's illegal to use handphone while driving. People said it's ok to use hands free while driving, but I found out that when you were on the phone while driving, you were not focus fully. So I will try to avoid talking on the phone while driving even though I am using hands free.

    Therefore, I don't know and understand how can some people can text while driving. I need to focus at the small screen and even smaller keypad of the phone to text something. That's when I am sitting. 

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