The last performance

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My favourite dance)))

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  • wow Arabic dance .. like it .. seems you knew it well

  • Thanx thanx dear friends!)))))Im glad that u like my performance)))

  • Wow, so professional and beautiful dance from your perfect performance! Keep doing it, you will make a great achievement. Bless you!

  • tnx 4 supporting)))
  • took you quite a long time to prepare so your dance looks very professional.

    Practice makes perfect no matter what we do. Keep up the good work, dear Lyubov.

  • Thank u dear Grace))))

    Well It took about 2 month to make the dance and remember it and then I added smth new and tried to perfect my danceskill about 6 month...

    So Its quite hard to make a new dance)))

  • Dear Lyubov,

    Looking at your dance is kind of feast. Thumbs up for you.

    How much time did you spend preparing for this wonderful performance?

  • Thank u all very much my friends. Its nice 4 me to recieve such good comments from good people))))3078138145?profile=original
  • that was awesome my lovely friend
    keep go on it's rlly nice art
    and thx for share this video with us
  • A very nice and delicate performance dear Lyubov !!
    You are not , in any respect, i.e.,skill,performance,steps,movements of body, figure and beauty,less than any belly dance champion Arab girl.It is pleasure for me to watch video of your performance.
    Thanks for sharing.
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