The Ghosts - with subtitles

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A video animation by Anthony Essberger based on Lord Dunsany's short story "The Ghosts". With subtitles.

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  • Nice animation! Do those ghosts symbolize to the evil intentions of that brother?

  • @Ohnie: Here is the original story, with audio.

  • That is right, I have never read this story and since you suggested it, I will do so.  Somehow, I kinda got the idea that the brother has been possessed by some bad spirit but just wasn't very sure.  Thank you for your explanation.  It now makes sense to me.

  • For technical reasons I have just uploaded this again. There were two previous and useful comments that I recreate below:

    Comment #2 by Learner

    Very nice. However, the last part would be very confusing for those who have never read that story. I liked the animation and voices a lot.

    @Ohnie, let me try to explain it to you(though I'm not good at explaining things..^_*)
    The old man in the old abandoned hall symbolizes the ghost of the dead people from Oneleigh and the beast with yellow eyes symbolizes the sins those people had done during their lives. The man (who denied the existence of the ghosts and entered the old hall in search of a proof) came under the bad influence/magic of the beast(sins) and imagined to kill his brother. But he didn't do so afterwords when he became free from beast's magic. By the way, you can read the story yourself and believe me it's worth reading.

    Comment #1 by Ohnie

    I'm sorry but I couldn't get the last part of it. Was it his brother that he killed?
    Very nice animation. Love the voices too! Thank you for sharing.

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