Test your British English with a comedy sketch

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Do you know what a boot or a plonker is in British English, and can you understand British slang and colloquial phrases like pants, cheers and knock up? Test...

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  • Hi Vicki!

    These are the words, I've spotted while watching the video:

    Floor, cheers, post, boot, taking a mickey, shirty, rubber, it's pants, plonker, knock you up.

    But I don't understand some of them.

    I don't know where I've learned  that cheers can be used like that :)

    Post is is also simple.

    Boot here I always recall those football boots with the thorns.

    Rubber is that thing, we use to erase anything written on a blackboard.

    What is wrong with floor and knock you up I don't understand.

  • Oh, shirty is a new word for me. And that facial expression of Jay when Craig said he'll knock you up! Thank you for this video. It's really fun to watch. :)

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