Tara's Trip To New York City

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In some ways I feel like we saw everything. The truth is...there's so much more to see. Looking forward to my next trip to The Big Apple.

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  • @Camelia Thanks for asking! I shared the story about the cue cards for you over here. 

  • It's WOW! I mean the video, maybe you didn't include your voice to talk about each place there but it's really expressible! It could express how wonderful it was the trip!

    I wish I can visit those places one day, the central park is amazing! I loved the survivor tree and those awesome drawings on that bus!

    It seems that there is a story behind the cue cards... would you tell us about it?

  • @Melanie I assumed there were always bleachers in Times Square. Is that not the case? It's  a great place to sit and take it all in

  • @Butterfly You are right. You can never complain about being bored in NY.

  • @Robbie I used iMovie to make this film. I still have a lot to learn! Also, NY was very loud. I recorded some bits for members but had to cut these parts out because my voice wasn't audible

    My most memorable moments are all on my blog. There are still a few stories to tell...I hope someone will ask about the cue cards

  • Hi Teacher Tara,

      You're welcome! May I ask what apps you've used in producing this video? Would that includes Photoshop? And what's your memorable experience in NYC? 




  • A very nice presentation!

    You've really been to all the places.

    Thanks for sharing...

  • @Robbie Great expression: one stop shop

    Thanks for watching! It was a scrumptious apple. 

  • @Galina Thank you so much for watching the video. I'm still learning how to improve transitions with this video program. I have a lot to learn, but this project was fun. I tried to take a lot of short video clips while we toured the city because I knew I wanted to show EC members a little glimpse.

    I imagined New York to be more about shopping. I thought all New Yorkers would be dressed to the nines. I also thought there would be quite a few places where I didn't feel comfortable. This didn't happen! We felt safe everywhere and the city was very clean.

    Another video for learning about New York is Tales from America

  • @Miley J Details please! Will you be in Ontario?

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