Spain prime minister Mariana Rajoy stepped down.

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  • Thank you everyone ! Your comments made me strong..

  • Agree with Robbie.

    A nice reporting news with his confidence. Keep it up, Rasmy! :)

  • Sandra... really? Ohh.. didn't know. Although I guess I'd get along with him hahahh...

  • Estanis LOL
    He is Chilean, isn't?

  • ...Now you know what I meant, right Rasmi?  :)

  • giphy.gif

  • Btw, he didn't 'step down', he was kicked out thanks to a motion of censorship due to a serious case of corruption.

  • haha it's so funny how you pronounce 'Mariano Rajoy' XD

    Btw, I'm so happy to finally get rid of these ultraconservative corrupt bastards (even if it's gonna be only for a short period (unfortunately))... 

    Ding, Dong the witch is dead! :D

  • CRAZY SPANIARDS...!!!  They will never learn :/


  • What a nice reporting, Rasmy! Are you into politics? Thank you for sharing your video recording here on MyEC. Your confidence in speaking could inspire other English learners. Keep it up and cheers!


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