Sliding Down The Hill!

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In this video I tried to slide down from the hill, that I have mentioned before.Actually I wanted to rent anyone's sled for one slide down. But today there was NO PEOPLE around.This is a link to this video in Youtube:

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  • Hi NotAClue!

    :D Yes! So, I am waiting for your participation :P

    Well, then you can do it next year :D

    Thank you! :)

  • Thank you, Sassy Girl!

  • Hi Haizel!

    Thank you! :)

    You are welcome!

  • Oh, then I am safe! 8-)

    Maybe I will go there tomorrow.

    Thank you, Glee! :)

  • Wow Roman,

    You have done a great job, There are only a few 
    who risk sliding from the top of Everest...

    Thank you so much for taking 
    the time to share this video!

  • Hi Glee!

    Well, staying there on the top of that hill it looked like mount Everest :D

    But if there was at least someone to record myself sliding down from the way with a big incline or to call an ambulance in case if I fall, then I think, I would do that! :)

    Thank you!!!

  • Hi Dara Gino!

    Well, if I do that again, I will ask anybody to record a video of myself sliding down from the hill :)

    But generally there is nothing difficult.

  • Hi Robbie!

    Hmmm, I am sure she could do that:) Because she is so big and strong lately!

    Thank you, Robbie!

    Have a nice new week!!!

  • I hope to learn how to do like that.
  • Ha ha, what a workout! I wonder how people exercise outside to burn calories with that thick snow and very cold weather! Yes, it would be nice if there were people willing to lend their sled, or if Smaila could pull you using a sleigh...

    Cheers for the video, Roman!

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