run man, run!

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Run man, run, Corona is here! Sent by Babikir. 

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  • Fear of Corona? 

    • Jee Kana! People run from infected ones.  

  • Buhut shukriya Mishaikh sahib! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • 😂🤣😁😃😅😄😆

    • Shukriya Mr Mishaikh! Lol. Hahaha! 

  • Min galar bar, Linnlinnsan! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Definitely,I can't stop laughing.

    • Sakamasat Linnlinnsan, your language is called Burmese, isn't it? I hope to improve by the will of God and then by your help. Thanks again, Lin. 

    • Hahahaha! You really made me happy. Thanks, Linn for your quick response. I hope I improve my poor Myanmar language with you soon. 

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