run man, run!

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Run man, run, Corona is here! Sent by Babikir. 

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  • LOL


    Even if Corona is over, it's not good to sneez at people.

    • Muafigam Saba! I agree with you, my dear respected lady. It is not polite to sneeze in front of someone's face. Thanks, for your comment. 

  • ha ha ha  humour at its best


    • Neer nalavar Nafira! You are a real respected lady. Thanks, for your nice smile.

  • It is a pity that there are lot of people like this "supposed" beggar, although unfortunately most of them are real. That happens in the 21st century, I feel it is a really shame!

    By the way, I have learnt a new word: "beggar": Thanks to you all, specially to Dara for sharing this video.


    • e uma pena Pink Dawn!  It is a bad style and it does not belong to the recent time. Your most welcome Pink, I like beggars too. Extend my regards to your family and friends. 

    • Pink Dawn, muchas gracias ee komo estas mi amiga? You are a delicate respected lady. What we are here for, my respected lady? We have to give a hand and help. That is our duty. I am glad you know about that word. Thanks for your comment on that video. 

  • From my point of view ,based on this video I feel that life is more important than money, even for the less fortunate

    • Shukriya Yantila Tzu! I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice comment. 

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