Reading as an effective learning tool

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An hilarious bookfor kids and an excellent teacher's guide on how to get the best of hyperactive students. It sets examples and values of being a dedicated teacher

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  • Nice

  • :D Wow! This is really a very good video, Nadira!

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    Btw, what was a contest, that all people are talking about?

  • Kavi mod. Nadira! educational video. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Saleh

    Thank you too sir ...I am sorry for the late reply I just saw your comment too :)


    Thankyou  for  your  kind  words  ...again an  apology for the late  reply 

  • Thank you  for  the  response  Uthenas  Lars  
    Yes   there is much  distraction   for  the  present day   kids  ..  I would   suggest   shoudl parents  keep  time  for  them at  a young  age   by  giving  priority  to  them  by reading  stories  , thus  sharing  the love   to read  and  learn 

  • I think so. But some kids love to play computer's game more than read a book.

    How to invite them?


  • Thanks

  • me too. I love reading.

  • Dear Nadira Madam. Your views are very nice. Help me I am also an English teacher in Bangladesh.

  • Thank You So Much, Madam

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