Present continuous tense

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Short video on Present continuous tense.

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  • Thanks a lot Lisa, you're such a gifted student, you will learn them in no time.

  • Hi teacher shoaib,

    first , thank you share this great video.

    Actually, i have no idear about tense when i speak english. Everytime i made my boss who only can understand english very very confuse.

    i watched all of your video about tense introduction. i think they are very very helpful for me .i will try to use this in my english in the future.

    Best Regards,
  • nice i follow your basic structure who you told  us... 

  • Thanks
  • Well done, Teacher Shoaib! You've explained this lesson clearly. If I may add something Sir for the benefit of my fellow English learners. The present continuous tense is also used when we want to talk about an action in future arrangements and temporary situations. For example, 'I'm traveling to Barcelona next month'. Or 'David Beckham is playing for Manchester United tomorrow. There's always a future time expression when we want to use a sentence with present continuous tense referring to future plans.

    Many thanks for sharing your video! I hope you're having a nice time here!



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