Phrasal Verb Lesson - Nod Off

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This is a short explanation of the phrasal verb "nod off".For more phrasal verbs, check out my free youtube channel at

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  • They will nod off while sitting, standing, even driving... I've asked my friends that have a blood type of B and almost all did it. They should be more careful then. :))

  • Ohh sorry, I really forgot, Sir. hehe..

    It's true Mr.Alan. I read it in psychology of blood type. First, I didn't believe it. But after seeing people that have blood type of B easily nod off, even my friend was driving while sleeping. Can you imagine that? And I was behind his back for about 30 minutes in a motorcycle. What an experience :(  :)

  • Is that true? About people with blood type B? Now you are teaching me something. Just be careful with the "s" on "nod" in this sentence. You shouldn't forget the "s"!!

    Again, thanks for watching! 

  • A person who often nod off anywhere and anytime has a blood type of B. :D

    Please do correct me, and thanks for the lesson. :)

  • Hi guys, You are very welcome.

  • thank u very much teacher

  • It must have been difficult recording with that angle, Teacher Alan! Thank you for sharing your video. :)

This reply was deleted.
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