Phrasal Verb Interview - Xuanyue

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A Phrasal Verb Interview with Xuanyue from China.

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  • Thank you, Teacher Alan. ^^

    Ohh, I'm sorry I forgot about sunbathing. Hope to watch more lesson videos from you, Teacher. ^^

  • Hi Onee-chan, I like your answers, but sunbathing is not an option for some unlucky people! Well, I suppose people could go to a tanning salon. I think getting up early is good advice though and something I need to remember. Recently I've been so lazy! Glad to see that you are now also a moderator on Englishclub. I'm sure everybody on Englishclub really looks up to you! As always, thanks for the comment and the kind words. Alan

  • My habit that I need to give up is ....sleeping late.

    The best way to liven up the party is eating ice cream... :D

    The secret remedies to shake off a bad cold is just eating, drinking a hot drink, sleeping, getting up early, and sunbathing. ^^

    Somebody I look up to .... ? ^^

    Teacher Alan, So glad to see you back! ^_^

  • And thank you Robbie for the warm welcome. I've been working on my singing lately, but I shouldn't neglect my videos.

  • Thank you Rosemary for the kind words. My students certainly have problems with question forms. It's good practice.

  • Great to see you back, Sir Alan! 

  • I like using new words in the form of questions . This is very innovative in teaching phrasal verbs
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