Mayumi's poem : "Are You the Light or the Shadow"

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this video is dedicated for Mayumi Garcia, a talented girl.Here is Youtube video version

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  • Beautiful Poem; thank you for sharing with us.

  • Thanks for the compliment!

    This video is a delectable dish from me to start learning english with gratify

  • Talented girl, talented teacher + talented great they are all in this piece of work.

  • Don't forget to let me know once you poems are published. Have a good weekend, dear Nadiyah.

  • Great video Ms. Nadiyah. Both of you are talented and smart  ladies in MyEC.

  • Hi Nadiyah,

      Thank you for the tips that you've sent to me. I appreciate it. I'll try to follow what you recommended, though. I agree with you, that Mayumi is a kind and talented member of this club. She encourages members by leaving nice comments on everyone's recordings on Audio Speaking Group. I hope a lot of members would continue participating in that group. See you around.



  • Wow that's great you have both! Special music and words ... Really you're special girl, Mayumee :)

    I'd give credit on his name for this video. It will be better if I put his name on it too. What's his name, Mayumee?

  • Hi dear Nadiyah,

    I asked about the music to my friend and he said that he created it specifically for this poem. So I guess there'll be no problem.. I have his permission..:)

    I can't wait for You tube post! Thanks a million my friend!

  • @Grace

    Thank you Grace, one day I also will use your pictures as the theme of the poems. You have amazing pictures!

  • @Mayumi

    I'd like to convert yours to Youtube video. Can you tell me about the instrumental music that you have used as its background? Thanks!

This reply was deleted.
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