Limb-itless: Pilot Born Without Arms Defies All Odds

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I couldn't be prouder to this woman. What an inspiration to many especially to people with disabilities. Other than that, she's half Filipino. #respectLimb-itless: Woman Born Without Arms Defies All Odds SUBSCRIBE: WATCH on our Barcroft TV Website:

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  • Hi, Tamer!

    It's nice to know you're amazed by this video just like some of our fellow English learners. No doubt that Ms Jessica Cox is full of positivity. She's really worth emulating in terms of the way she view her life.

    Thanks a lot for watching this video and welcome to MyEC!

    Robbie :)

  • indeed it is awesome .. this video amazed me and gave me a lot of positive power .. she is epitome of challenge confidence.


  • Hello, Alia!

    You're welcome! I'm glad you liked this video. Sometimes, it's easy to fall in the trap of self-doubt and pessimism. But with uplifting video clip like this, it could boost the morale of someone who's in doubt of his or her capabilities. It would be a humbling experience to meet her in person.

    Thank you for commenting and welcome to MyEC!

    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Muskan!

    Indeed! In a world with lots of negative and fake news, it's always encouraging to watch something that uplifts our spirit. I've also watched some video clips from Nick in the past. He's really an epitome of confidence and hope to people who are struggling emotionally and physically.

    Thank you for watching!

    Have a great Sunday,

    Robbie :)

  • Wow! No doubt they fill us with inspiration.. She reminded me another person Nick Vujicic who have no arms and legs but he can ... well list is long to surprise you ..

  • Thank you, Mishaikh! :)

  • Yes very Inspirational for all! 

  • You're welcome, dear Kal! You're right. Some people complain even in every small things and over-react if they couldn't get what they want. This video is a reminder to myself that I should be always grateful for what I have. 

    Thanks a lot for commenting! :)

  • Absolutely, Shekhar! Thank you for watching! :)

  • Most people, although born perfectly, they are never satisfying. Also, people are often indifferent. I see her as a great person among them.

    Also, she's the best example for that people.

    My heartiest wishes for her unique way!

    Many thanks for sharing Dear Rob.

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