Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

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Living simply is the richest and deepest life that I can imagine. I think people complicate their lives way too much and miss the joy of each new day given.

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  • Thank you very much, Rose, for such inspiring video! It is true and very usefull! I think we should review this video somethimes:)

  • Rose,

    What a great share with just as great messages in it. There are diverse messages in the video - Somehow this proves appearance matters, in all aspects of lives, even if we choose the best looking coffee cup without caring about the quality of the coffee.

    We live in an ambitious era - and unfortunately that is equally to stress because there are so many things, people, ideals, expectations, etc ... we have to live up to, failure is something what is not easily digested.

    But, that is just how is life.

    I love the words so much in this video, and I do agree. Thank you for sharing it here.
  • Yes, Anxa, we hould reflect ... but ... we forget so quick.

  • Yes, Estanis, it isn't easy ... we are trapped in our loop.

  • How right it is and how difficult to escape from our loop.
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