Let´s start blogging !!!

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I decided to post this blog, to record myself, to help some people here on MY EC to start blogging and tried to sum up some useful tips I concider important

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  • Luzzi i am immensly impressed by your video....you have attractive eyessssssssss

  • Behghost :-) thank you for liking it and for no silly comment which would destroy my awesome reputation :-D kidding! well,  m happy you liked it and as for another one video.. ufff, let me rest now in the peace! 

    Tree, thank you for liking it and I hope you at least little bit understood me because as you know I am not native speaker and of course I have accent :-)

  • Luzzi, I watched your video few times to swallow every words you said and to learn from the way you talk ^_^ Great video you have made!

  • Opti, thanx for liking it, great you consider it encouraging :-)

    Anah, woow, m average and normal woman :-D thanx

    Tarek, loool you loved? did you die or what? thanx for nice comment, friend!

    Mr. Bob, thank you for your comment, m glad you liked it and yes - google translator simply sometimes shows such stupid translations that one don´t believe, I tried it even from english to czech language and was laughing..

    Areal, I have never been lazy!!!! :-D thanx thanx thanx

    Sima, lool well, you think muskan donated me her tongue or what? :-D well, that´s my own rude tongue, dear I was born with :D 

  • That is you I am sure :D but I am sure that Muskan is the tongue in your mouth too :D

  • We are all glad that you became a blogger and it is wonderful that you are giving suggestions to other members.  This is good advice for new writers and I especially agree about Google Translator...it gives some pretty bad translations sometimes. Looking up the definition is the best.

  • wow luzziiii u are amazing :)) hugss dearyy :-* 

  • You're welcome, Luzzi! Feel free to join our video challenge. Am sure it's gonna be exciting like this one. :)

  • "i would appreciate if you post your real pic "

    who cares ?!! I'm very lazy to change my avatar from many months ago.

    "btw yeah it is my kitchen, i dont record myself when i visit my parents or friends"

    why do you keep repeating this ? it seems you recorded many videos at your parets' home :p

    btw here is my part of the deal ...

    tumblr_ljnngiG6Og1qho4pi.jpgI sharpened the knife for you ... so if you won, i would get the biggest part of the pizza :p

  • kuku, thanx for feeling so encouraged and hope we all will soon read your blog!!!

    Muskan, wooow, thank you sooo much, such a nice comment you wrote, m impressed!!! btw I dunno if it is about European accent, anywayz i have Slavic aceent without any doubt and my language native one is not similar to English at all. I am happy you found it interesting and sure i meant it colorful - like interesting :-) and if you dont use colours in your blogs - shame on you :-D

    Fleur, omggg m speechless and blushing !!!!! thank you so much for such nice comment! and i learned new word from you - diastema, yeah Madonna has it too :-D btw dont joke about aging, else i will kill you :-D

    Sima - well, did you think it is my ghost? :-D no, twin as muskan said :-D

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