Let´s start blogging !!!

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I decided to post this blog, to record myself, to help some people here on MY EC to start blogging and tried to sum up some useful tips I concider important

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  • Is that you Luzzi :D 

  • this video encouraged me to express my love for blog,i have finally proposed to blog to marry me ,now  we will marry soon

  • Rajesh, thax for your comment :-)

    Heli, lool thanx and I look as I look, aging sucks :-D

    Saeed, it is the truth .. i got inspired by you and omgg ufff m happy i pronounced your name in correct way :-D i even didnt think of sth like this!! thanx for nice comment! and about another video.. lets seeeee :-) now I would like to see other members here posting their records :)

    ali, how can i help you? 

    AH, thanx for nice comment and i would appreciate if you post your real pic - hats off one :-D btw yeah it is my kitchen, i dont record myself when i visit my parents or friends :-D

    Just Smile, thank you so much for such nice motivating support!! thats great you like it.. 

    Areal.. yeah here we go, it is me :-D dont provoke me and dont call me lazy ! thanx for liking it!!

    Yousef, you are welcome :-)

    Akash, lool m glad it didnt make you bored and thank you so much!! 

    and Shanky, thanx for your SHORT comment :-D I m glad you liked it, enjoyed it and you appreciated my effort ;-) and yeah i know you have never seen me :-D

  • Hello everyone,

    m so glad you like my video guys, seriously it made my day :-)

    Robbie, thanx for your nice comment and for liking my English (even though native - I wont ever be :-D ) btw I noticed there are some video challenges, so maybe i will go for one - about hobbies..

    Suada, dear!! m glad you consider my english ok and if you want to we can talk one day on skype :-p thanx for nice comment

    Nawa, well we are almos the same age then, dear :-) btw you look as if you were 25 and m glad you liked it !!

    Noas auntie, LAH :-D well, you are experienced blogger so you can laugh at tips but i mentioned them for these who want to start :p I agree and sometimes i write sth longer too and feel like ppl should somehow go throught it and chew it, not to be lazy :-D thanx for your sincere comment, lah :-D

    Jess, thanx for your nice comment and btw your observation skills arent that bad :-D m happy you noticed my enthusiasm and you know .. here we say as for motivation.. who doesn´t burn, can´t make fire..

  • hey Luzzi thanks for advices :) wonderful video from your side ........inspiring and yeaa you're good at speaking English ..... :) it was like English  video lectures I used to see sometimes :D one good thing is- it was not boring to me :)

  • Thanks Luzzi

  • Hats off to your courage Luzzi :)


    All my respect and appreciation to you :) 

    btw, is this your kitchen ? :p

  • Wow , Really impressive! I really enjoyed it. I like how you placed your thoughts from the introduction moving to the conclusion and wishing members the best. I'm really flattered that you mentioned my name or on another note you spelled it the right way LOL ; P, I hope you keep making more videos Luzzi because you've got the ability to inspire members.

  • Thanks for this wonderful share, dear Luzzi!

  • Luzi,Nice you made video of your self, wow! Your advice is very helpful , its very motivating
    cause you used video just to show us your enthusiasm about inspiring people.
    What I observed was I'm seeing you as strong and confident woman after watching this.
    Thanks for your advice :D
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