Communicating in English 2

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This is me talking a lil about my English learning background

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  • Hello Frank!

    Thank you so much for sharing your background of learning English. I am really glad to listen to you whole speaking. i may quote so sayings from you, you don't have much time for talking with anyone face to face. But you practice it everyday with your teacher. sometimes you watch TV show or whatever........

    i actually have some problems with English speaking and listening skill. i wanna need some partners to develop my speaking.So i suppose you are helping me by talking on Skype( My Email is

  • Hi Frank

    Thank you for sharing your video blog to our club. I think, learning English is a gradual process. We cannot do it in an instant especially when we're born and raised in non-English speaking countries. However, we can improve our skills in English by surrounding ourselves with plenty of materials and incorporate our activities with English.

    If we want to focus on our speaking skills, we could learn and be familiarized first with different audio materials in English. I noticed here in my country that children who usually watch an English cartoon shows tend to grasp and mimic English accents. It would be the same for adults to learn it since the net offers a variety of useful links to practice and improve the language! I'm glad our club is one of the best sites to learn English!

    All the best,


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