Lean On Me cover

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First verse and chorus of Lean On Me. Whoever stumbles across this video, thanks for viewing :)

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  • What? That is it? You disappointed me. I wanted to hear the full version of it :p

  • Thank you, Junco and MileyJ, for your favorable comments :D  Appreciated!

  • Another talented member of EC..WOW!

  • You're very much welcome, Ian! : )

  • Thanks for the invite, Robbie :) 

    I've just joined and found you had directly linked to my vid'.  Not only a fabulous surprise but a lovely gesture on your part.

  • You are welcome, Ian! Since you have an awesome voice, why don't you join us in the Karaoke group? Share your singing prowess! Lol! : )

  • Thanks, Butterfly :)  An artist, huh?  Will.I.Am and Van Gogh have nothing on me..lol :P

    will.i.am - home
    www.will.i.am is the home of everything will.i.am, the multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator, and a seven-time Grammy Award winner.
  • Thanks for the positive comment, Yasemin.  Appreciated :)

    I'm glad you liked it, Robbie :)  It's a very uplifting song, isn't it.  As much as i love the amazingly powerful and high-spirited performances of Gospel choirs, i sing just about anything my vocal range will allow.

    Thanks again!

  • Very nice! I liked it! :)

  • What a great voice you have here! That is a feel-good song! Do you often sing Gospel music? Thank you for sharing your recording, Ian! : )

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