Kryštof - You and I (my first video with own English subtitles)

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I would like to introduce you this beautiful Czech song and as we are in EC, I decided to translate it for you and add the subtitles. I wish others also tried to post their favorite songs with own subtitles because it is not such a big deal :-)

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  • Wow... First I listened to it with my eyes closed, because those subtitles prevented me from listening and understanding the song itself. Then, of course, I wanted to watch it, and then I read the subtitles. They are singing here quite slow, so it is possible to understand the words, though in some places your subtitles make it clearer. Nice song... however, you don't even imagine how much it reminded me... When I was a kid I used to adore the golden voice of Czechoslovakia Karel Gott, had his records, listened to them so many times (Carnival and many others - yes, I'm as that old). Remember Helena Vondrachkova as well. And I used to have a penfriend, Marika by name. We exchanged postcards, photos of popular actors and singers. Later I bought a textbook of the Czech language and tried to learn something. Now I forgot everything, though while reading, I can understand the main idea. Oh, thank you for such a nice travelling to my childhood:) 

  • What a wonderful song! It's my first time to listen Czech song, but I quite enjoyed it especially the powerful cadence and piano accompaniment. Thank you for sharing, Luci! I am going to listen it twice. :D

  • Luci! You always come up with very cool ideas... EC should pay you for that :D
    It's a very interesting exercise, to write subtitles... and fun! :)

    About the song, it's nice but I miss more guitars, flames, things burning, the "F" word here and there, the singer yelling like crazy at the end... You know, I'm a rock lover XD
    Okay, okay, I've my 'soft' side too. It's a nice song for a romantic movie. And I really like the end of the videoclip :P

    Wait... What am I reading there?? Danny saying "Hope your hubby doesn't check your mail", "My wife is about to leave me"?? What kind of mails are you two exchanging??? Tell us! EC needs to know!!! XD

    • Luci, dear! We all will make a good team for shrinks! LOL! My wife is about to leave me!
  • Dany, thanks for comment...just m wondering what the hell it can remind you??!!! Pfff again your sense of humour, ha?! :D My hubby knows, who u r and ofc I have no problem with my email :/ You are talking as if we were emailing abt what? :D kill me somebodyyyy; call plz mental hospital...hope Mary is waiting there for me :D
  • Luci, dear! Nice melody and your translation must be good, too. I even got one phrase "When you go to bed or wake up"... Ha-ha!The singer is really good, but this song reminds me..... Well, I'd better stop as I like candies more than hits! I am aware.. I live with such a woman and I love her. I love you, too. Hope, your hubby doesn't check out your mail! Ha-ha!

  • Robbie,
    I m happy you like it!!! As for my role in this hahahaa... it is like Bonie and Clyde..I dunno if I can rob da bank :D anyway, the plot is great and the singer is also actor as he proved.
    Now as for subtitles...I used Wondows Movie Maker, uploaded video and then just stopped it - where he was singing and clicked on button Capture - that's how I added the subtitles..Not so complicated and I wish you shared some of your favorite Philipino songs with us ;)
  • Hey, Luci!

    That's a terrific song! You're fit for the actress's role. What do you think? Thank you for sharing your video. What app did you use for the subtitles? 

    This is a great idea to share our culture. And I agree with you, one must provide an English subtitle for a non-English video so learners would understand it.


    Robbie :)

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