Junoon Feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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No need to know Urdu/Punjabi, just enjoy, you will understand the music and spirit of the song.

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  • SNR

    It is Punjabi+Saraeki(a branch of Punjabi)+Urdu

  • Hey Mishaikh,

    This is one of my favourite songs. Still, I like the music and composition of the original version of the song. Thanks for sharing it with subtitles cause I didn't know the meaning of this song. I feel it is a blend of punjabi and pure urdu.

  •        Nice music and lovely singers! Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks Dara and OM.

  • Thank you, Mishaikh, for sharing. Wonderful melody and voices. Just as you say, no need to know the language to enjoy )))

  • Shandar video! Master Rahat Fateh Khan reminds me of the late Quali singer, Aziz Mia. I mean his performance. I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing Mishaikh. 

  • Mujhei patao Mishaikh sahib, why the music is understood by the different people of the world? Sometimes we do not understand the lyrics of the song but we understand its music. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

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