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I am not clumsyThis is a link to the video in Youtube:https://youtu.be/05WCuANJXYc

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  • The one that I remember when I heard the word 'Ukraine'. Stay safe, stay blessed, Roman.

  • Sandra,

    Well, I like this video more, because it hasn't caused any pain inside my mouth :D

    Yeah, not clumsy at all! 8-)


  • Fizzy,

    Thank you!

  • impressive .. 

  • Estanis,

    Shhhhhh, Bert doesn't like when we compare him with himself :D

    Thank you!

  • Paula,

    Thank you!

    No, sometimes I feel opposite, like the life is juggling by myself :)

  • Darius,

    Thank you for admiring my effort!

    To be honest, it is easy to learn juggling.

  • Ella,

    Thank you! (How dare you?! :D)

  • Rosemary,

    It sounds weird and even dangerous. I hope you haven't got any traumas because of falling down the stairs.

    So, you mean that clumsiness is a normal and common thing?

    Okay, thank you for cheering me up! :)

  • Mary, "I'm not gonna be bad...


    About Smaila's diary, it is only because, she has never seen really clumsy and silly people or cats or other creatures.

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