Is accent important when you learn English - How to Learn English EASILY

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  • Thank you Nitinkumar

  • thank you so much


  • Thank you Robbie... We should be proud of our own accent.

  • Wow! Not only I enjoyed watching your video, but also acquired inspiration from you since I have a Filipino accent. I definitely agree with what you said on the video. I hope many MyEC learners will watch this clip and motivate them to continue learning the language. Cheers!

  • Thank you Mr. Bob and Stephen for giving me such a nice support...

  • I closed my eyes and listened to your blog. I understood everything because you spoke very clearly with good pronunciation. It is great that you recorded yourself. That way you can check your pronunciation afterwards and work on any words that need improvement.

    Without pronunciation you are only making noises. The better you pronounce words the more language and less noise you make. The true test of fluency is if someone can understand you on the telephone. I think I would have no problem understanding you on the phone.

  • Cannot agree more! The most important is pronounce it correctly!
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