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Based in the busy, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, Daniel Emmerson's latest film Insights from China takes us inside the worlds of English language learning and teaching and the airline industry in China. "Insights from China" focuses largely on the staff and management of a Chinese airline company that has recently committed to learning English. Spring Airlines is the first low-cost airline in China. Determined to become a successful international airline, the company has insisted that all of its workers learn to speak fluent English. The CEO of Spring Airlines, Zhang Xiuzhi, has set the bar high. She began learning English "from scratch" 18 months prior to her interview for this film. Like the majority of other language learners, the main stumbling block for the CEO is finding enough time to study. Zhang takes English homework to bed at night and even studies in her car.

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  • Great job!
    Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in the world, is the business center of China. With The Shanghai World Expo 2010 being round the corner, the world will focus on China again, which hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympics successfully.
    China promised an open policy in 1978 and now China is becoming the second biggest economy in the world. Millions of travelers from around the world visit China every year. The English signs are everywhere, especially at airports, shopping malls.

    People here are eager to learn English, especially the young. In fact, a famous company here just offers all kinds of English-learning classes and attracts millions of English learners. Many parents send their child to English-speaking countries to learn the language and the advanced technology.

    China has one of the most successful economies in the world and English language is playing more and more important role in the economic activities. English may acount for the economic development in China.

    So, no wonder so many people here are eager to learn English.
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