Indonesia the beautiful country

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I show a video about my beautiful country, Indonesia. thank you for watching it. welcome to Indonesia ...

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  • I like the video. The traditional costumes are also very interesting. With the spread of Islam, is there less of the traditional dress these days? I have never been to Indonesia, but really do hope to go some day. A number of my students (when I taught college) came from Indonesia.
  • thanks Yuni for the comment here, nice to meet you

  • are you from Vietnam, le xuan hung? It's nice to know about you.
    Vietnam has Ha Long Bay, a world heritage site and a popular travel destination. It located in Quảng Ninh province. am I right? great!

    picture here

    like you someday I will visit your country, God willing!
    thanks for the comment

  • Madagh Beach in Algeria also as one of the fantastic places. God willing, glad to know that you like my country, welcome! thanks DM ...

    picture here

  • wow how it so beautiful country i would like to visit one day :)
  • Hi dear soulmate, nebia,
    you can see the difference Indonesia's camel and middle eastern's, in this picture

  • O ....

  • Oh a sit for me it looks like paradis!!! Can you find an big letter so that I can be posted in it to that place!!!! I wish I was already there..........dreaaaaaaaaaams coming true!
  • you're welcome, my soulmate. Indonesia has many beautiful beaches. I recommend you to visit the Lombok island. It is a wonderful place after the Bali island ...

    this's a romantic place, lombok beach.


    thanks, I'm waiting you here, Indonesia

  • Dear soulmate I decided to visit your country one day very nice as well as the cheerful people there!!! I think I will love to live next to the beach, I love the sea and hope to sit for a long time watching it and dreaming.
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