I'm a human, so are you.

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A short video I made about why I believe nationalism to be a bad thing for humanity.

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  • It only sounds good. We all are unity, there is no divisions, we should work and help each other, the world belongs to all of us, no superior people. Unfortunately there are divisions, religions, castes, etc. That everything divides us as human being. There are wars, money, power, greed, hate... Yes, I agree, we are humans and we live on the same earth. As long as there is money and power, there always would be divisions.


    Dear friends,

    We all are humans! No difference among us! This world is belonged to all of us equally! No superior humans on the earth! Wedon’t have to divide this world into pieces on the basis of race, religion, caste, creed and so forth! This message should be spread all over the world all the time!!!

    Good Luck!


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