How to pronounce O-U-G-H in British and American English

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Learn how to pronounce the letters OUGH in English. We'll show you eight different sounds this letter combination can make in British and American English. C...

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  • I'm so glad you all found this helpful. It was a pleasure to make. The students we met were such fun. WE hope to make a song about it one day.

  • Thanks for your great video
  • Teacher Vicki,,

    Thank you so much. This is a precious lesson. I mispronounced some words, too. :D

  • I used to mispronounced the word 'plough' since it can be a verb and a noun. I learned this word when I started gardening a few years back. The lady with black hair looks like a Filipina. She said 'Ano yun?' (What's that?) when she was trying to repeat the whole sentences. Great job for her and to all participants and of course to both of you! :)

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