How to embed Audioboo player into MyEC

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Hope this helps...let's talk if you have any problem with embedding.:)

For more details check out:How to Use Audioboo.

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  • Mention not, 253! :)

  • wow..I got it...Thanks Raj.........

  • Lol...Yas, I am not. :P

  • It's my pleasure bro! Thanks for you nice words! Lol...I thought to say something but it was going to be too long and I didn't make it long because there is already a tutorial it details about it, but some news members still having problem to embed it. So, hope this helps.

  • What is this noise Raj? Are you influenced by my page? lol

  • Good job for the tips, Raj! This would be useful to practice more of our speaking skills. Thank you for sharing this video to us. Hmmm.... I thought you're going so say something. Lol! : )

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