Ho, Ro, the rattlin' Bog

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I found it on social media and felt her voice is beautiful also the song is cute as well :)Hope you will like it as well ..

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  • Yes, Muskan, thank you!

  • Hi Roman, I knew it would be tough for some people so I posted lyrics in comments, hope it helped. 

  • Hi Robbie, Yeah I found it in an Irish forum and the comments of local people were saying that she is singing in her brother's marriage and that it is the song that most of Irish kids learn .. so it was easy for her :) 

  • Hi Muskan! Indeed she has a beautiful voice! I like this video! But unfortunately I barely understand 50% of her singing without lyrics:)
    Thank you for sharing!
  • That's awesome! I love the cheering sound and beats. I think it's an Irish trademark. The lady nailed it considering it's 5 in the morning. I bet the beer or whisky has boosted her confidence to sing it remarkably...

    I was challenged to understand her pronunciation! Hooray! :)

  • Lyrics: https://genius.com/Darby-ogill-the-rattlin-bog-lyrics

    Darby O'Gill – The Rattlin' Bog
    There was a bog; a rare bog; was a great bog; and a rattlin’ bog / ‘Twas down in the valley-o / [Chorus] / Ho-ro, the rattlin’ bog, the bog down in t…
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