high voltage work

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Give me thirty thousand dollars a month, I won't do it. 

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  • dexterous guys

    • Spasibo Winnie! I were dexterous, perfect, name it, I wouldn't do it. It is very dangerous, isn't it?   

  • Oh My Gosh !.. What a nice work..What a nice scene and environment..In my country the richest guys are doing this sport for fun, Huh.. no money...

    • Ciao Adriano! In circumstances like this! No way. I am not sure about high voltage, but my friend, Paras told me that it could pull you if you are close to it. Paras is an electrical engineer. Thanks, Adriano for not being afraid of high voltage.

  • Shvietny Rysperski! Lol! No, way. 

  • Hmmmmmm.....how about 50,000 usa dollars per month??  ;-)

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