Hello, Can You Hear Me MyEC Friends?

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hihihi..she likes me ...talkative..lol...

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  • Like mother like daughter......hihihihi!

  • Cute Masha'ALLAH!

    She is so sweet! <3

    Give her a big kiss from me! :*

    May ALLAH protect her!

  • lol sis Ha. She become like that because of hihihi...she has some talktive aunties here. right? 

    Thanks for your sweet comment

  • Yup, Susa, I could hear you well and clearly; only I understood none of the things you said - but that's the cute part :D Hehe, like mother like daughter; it's not surprising that you're growing to be a talkative lady :D

  • Raj
    I will post more her video. Sure, you will be die because of laugh hahaha... Wait for it
  • Dear Samaan.
    Thanks, ya she is so funny
  • Comment by mitran just now
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    Thank so much my dear bro Robbie. Hihihi... Yes, she is EC's princess lol
  • Welcome to MyEC's voice blogger, our cute little sister. :) Wish to see your next recording soon. :)

  • she is funny girl
  • Oh my goodness, my lovely Princess! It's so amazing to see you being talkative. You're undoubtedly one of the cutest babies on the club. :P

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