Heal the World for Syria

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When I listen to this song now, I feel really proud of myself and EC's precious friends that I had here... this song was made and sung by My English Club members and their children in June 2012.It is still perfect to listen. still has the same original feeling of love and sympathy.Kyuri was my old profile name here :)

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  • Dear Robbie, 

    I feel really glad whenever I watch this.. I am really really missed all these members.. it was very nice memory.. Thank you so much for the reminder :) 

    Dear dara gino

    Amen, May Allah protect and guide the rebels in Syria to conquer Russia and the other killers there.. May Allah bless Syrian martyrs and heal the wounded, May Allah save Syria for us all.. Really thanks for your comment :) 

  • Allah yahmi Suriya. Nasal Allaha thalik. God bless them. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hi, AG!

    I'm glad you were able to participate here and shared this remarkable video. I missed these great members of MyEC. 

    Peace for everyone,


  • Setareh <3

    Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me :) 

  • Great job, I really liked it. I wish peace for your country and I hope your people come back to their beloved country soon.well done! Thanks for sharing.
  • Evangelina :D ^^

    yes, there is my voice recorded and participated in the video.. So do the voice of Tara, her son, Junco, Grace, Rajesh, and others...

    Honestly, it was Junco's personal Idea and she worked a lot on this project with all parties in order to get it successfully finished.. I appreciate her friendship and everything she did to me really..

    I wish you were there that time, Eva... I was able to read the song's Lyrics through one of your blogs in your page :D so.. I guess it's something that will definitely make you happy to see it ^^ 

    Smile, Eva :) 

    Evil exists. But Good people also exist in the world.. and they are much much brighter... just like you :) 

    Thanks for passing by, Eva :) 

  • Thank you for watching, Dear Nimzaf :)
  • Very nice song and soooooo beautiful but i'm speechless.Thank you so much for sharing this emotional song.It's great.
  • Thank u very much, Grace :)
    It is a great honor to be with u and with other guys in the same team work one day :)
  • Hello Kyuri, thank you for the link of this song on my page. It reminds me of the historical moment while we were singing together, and Junco helped a lot to edit the song. It's a great honor to be part of it.

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