Heal the World for Syria - Sang by My English Club members and their children Movie edited by Kyuri June 2012

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Thanks to Junko for her brilliant idea and to all those who participated to this video. I love the idea that, members of EC from different countries and culture gave some of their time to sing for the peace. very touching !

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  • Junco, we are not powerless, I believe that every human being can make a better world by their daily actions. Little by little the world is changing, I can feel it... and sometimes, I can see it in different situations. Ok, it's not going to change as quickly as we would like, but we shouldn't give up on trying, we shouldn't loose our hope. See what happened in Lybia, in Egypt, in Tunisia,  situation there is far to be perfect but the wind of change is blowing over those countries and that's very probably what will happen in Syria too. Very sadly, there are always people who are sacrificed and who die but the change is on its way...

  • Hello Junco,

    Sorry for the "him", I've corrected it :)) Of course Syria needs peace and many other countries around the world too. Let's hope for a better world. 

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