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I decided to make this video for all EC learners, to wish them Happy New Year, to support them in their study. Enjoy it, guys ;-)

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  • Wow.....you are really very talented in everything.  I wish you could post a blog which would help us upload a video like that.  Is this video saved in your computer?  I only know how to upload YouTube videos but not videos from my file.  

    Anyway... this was really an awesome work.  Thanks a lot for sharing it, Luci!

  • Robbie,

    thank you so much and I am glad you like it :-) Happy New Yearrrrrrr to you and to all your creatures you made of wood ;-)

    Sandra, loool ohhh you little spy, you made me laugh with following me ;-) so nice! Thanx for you nice wish dear and let all your dreams come true in upcoming year ;-)

  • Happy New Year! Thank you for encouraging our fellow learners to include English (especially our beloved club) as part of new year's resolution. Wishing you a marvelous 2015 ahead, dear Luci! :P

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