Funny School Teacher

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Such an intelligent qualified teacher

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  • How funny!!!!

    Bildergebnis für animated laughing

  • Simple cool ABC song! :))

  • Hahaha so funny! You know... l, m, n, o, p!

  • OMG...hahaha.... I laugh so much dear, really relaxing :) Thanks so much for such a wonderful sharing!

  • @Pagalito,

    I hoped she was my teacher LOL...

    Thanks pagaaaaa (:

  • @ R.Thien, thank you very much for leaving a comment (:

  • @ Sir Bernd Kohl !

    I totally agree with,a bit humor would be good in schools, students need to see us as human beings with a sense of humor.Teaching with humor enhance student's attention, humor improve the classroom environment and make learning more enjoyable.

    Thank you so much for your nice comment.

  • @ Frank , I agree with you ,but this video is  just for fun no more. Btw thanks for the comment.

    @ Bernd kohl,  for what? LOL.....

    @Yasemin, plz'l learn perfect English ,thank you dear for leaving comment :)

  • I wanna go home! LOL

  • to teach is a great responsibility, watch out not to teach errors, students ,especially a this age believe you all.

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