English Grammar Practice - Past Simple Irregular Verbs

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Fed up of phrasals?! No, of course not! But anyway, here's a video to help you practise the past simple tense. Follow the instructions and let me know if you get them all correct!

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  • Hello Cecilia. You're very welcome. I'm really glad you found the video useful. Thanks for commenting.
  • Thanks. This is a nice and easy way to practice.

  • Thank you for your explanation, Sir Alan. It convinced what I've learnt.

    Your videos are always useful.

  • That's no problem at all, Sir. Your video actually gave me an idea. I used this way to teach my students because I thought it would be easier to understand. To let them know all the pattern of every tense, complete with 6 questions of what, why, where, when, who, and how.

    Thank you for always sharing your video, Sir. Btw, I already liked your fb page, but I guess it's new, right?

  • Hello Onee, thanks for watching and commenting. I'm sorry my voice was a little quiet. I am fine. I just didn't want to disturb the person who is currently living in the flat next to mine. The walls are very thin, so I spoke very quietly, but now I realise I should have raised my voice. As for your question I don't think we can say, 'why she left home?' I think really we should say "why did she leave home?"

    As always, thanks for watching and next time I'll show my face!

  • Sir Alan,

    Where are you? Why do I only hear your voice? *kidding :))

    Good video for learners, Sir. To comment on this video, honestly I want to say usually I heard your voice very clearly, but now I hear your voice a little dimmed. Why, Sir? I hope you're pretty fine today.

    I have a question here, Sir. I ever found some native speaker said, "Why she left home?' instead of "Why did she leave home?". It's okay if we said..... "I don't know why she left home". But, it was only that sentence, a question. Once, I found the same pattern in title of news on internet.

    So, what do you think of this? It's different from my study anyway, I've never found that on grammar book. Is it okay to say the full question with "Why she left home?" ?

    Thank you for your explanation, Sir. Have a nice week!

  • Hello Mr Dara Gino. I will add you as a friend. 

  • Hey Robbie, thanks for approving and featuring the video. And thanks also for the camel idea. I should have put a camel in it. That would have been more interesting. Next time, perhaps. I don't think I have ridden camel, to be honest. I have eaten camel once, though. I didn't enjoy it.

  • Gootin morgin Alan R. Nicole, I hope to be one of your friends. 

  • I usually ride a taxi off to work, but today I rode a camel. Just kidding! Have you ever ridden a camel, Teacher Alan? This video is quite useful to practice grammar. Thank you for sharing! :)

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