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English Grammar Lessons - Using May and Might - Basic English Grammar Lesson

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Using May and Might - Basic English Grammar LessonIn this video podcast Rachna brings out the basic difference between the common expressions May and Might,Students often get confused while using these expressions, Rachna explains the correct usage of May and Might with the help of example sentence for better understanding.Enjoy!

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  • That was a nice lesson.  She has a cute Indian accent too : )

  • wow! what a pronunciation. accent really nice

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    haneen alzoubi, dodo and Dufourmentel Christian!

    I'm glad you found the video useful! : )

  • I fully agree with Robbie,

    It might be helpful for many members.

    It might not always be easy for beginners.

    Well done!

  • Thank you for give me the difference between May and Might ,

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    Yes, you may! : )

    You're welcome, Robbie!

  • Thank you for sharing, Nida! May I recommend this video in MyEC Video Enthusiasts Group? : )

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