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Snorkling in Eilat Israel.

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  • Happy Eid Bubba. Long time no chat. I am afraid of the underwater creatures. Nice video.
  • This is amazing!
  • Wow!! bub it was amazing + you did a really great job with that music and tagging every fish.. 

  • Loved this video Bubba!!!!!!

  • awesome! Israel is one of my dreamlands. thank you for sharing mr. Bubba.

  • spectacular views !!! Thank you for sharing with us
  • First time i saw this video i didn't even know how to comment here:) But i really love this video... This is so strange and weird and beautifull!

  • It's no doubt, there's paradise under the water. Those clownfish are the cutest! I wonder if this is your own video. By the way, thank you for sharing this video and welcome to MyEC, Bubba!

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