Eating The Lemon

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Eating the whole lemon in one attempt for the first time in my life!I've increased the speed of video in some moments, because it was too long.This is a link to the video in YouTube: please, if you want to repeat it, make sure, you have chosen a lemon with a THIN(1 mm wide) skin. Otherwise it can hurt the skin inside your mouth!

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  • Salma Ibrahim,

    Thank you!

    I am proud of it! :)

  • Congratulations Roman! What an achievement!  :D

  • Fizzy,


    Just do it!

    And don't even dare do doubt! :)

  • let see how it goes on this weekend.. maybe i shoud create 1 vid lol

  • Fizzy,


    I have an idea. Try to eat a tiny slice of lemon, during watching this video :) 

  • i could feels de"sour"ness  =D

  • Mary,


  • Purple Raven,

    Thank you!

    I am flattered by your comment! :)

  • GIF-cringe-disgust-disgusted-disgusting-do-not-want-eww-Jesse-and-Celeste-Forever-Rashida-Jones-yuck-GIF.gif?width=300

  • Roman!!!

    Hahaha .. this is best video / blog ever!

    Thanks, buddy :D

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