Definite and indefinite articles

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Rules when using determiners -a- ,-an- and -the-

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  • thank you bro...nice

  • Suadee Fiona, kon sapari kop khoon! Kop khoon! Thank you for your nice comment about my video. By the way, your song, The Climb, by Connie Talbot, is a sentimental one. I liked it very much.  

  • Kiya haal hain shoaib Sivany! Pahili me bola, Eid Mubarak mera dost. I want to grab this opportunity to say happy eidul fitri to my dear good friend Shoaib and his family too. Thank you again for your nice comments. 

  • Xin chao hoahong39! Cam on! How nice of you to say such things about my video. Thank you my friend!

  • thank u dara

  • thank you for share   ..i can understand it  even my english is not that good  but  hopefully can see another video  about english   

  • thank you

  • I am fine Dara, :) and its my pleasure, you're most welcome! :)

  • it is very nice 

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