Definite and indefinite articles

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Rules when using determiners -a- ,-an- and -the-

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  • i think that you are not fluent in English yet my friend like me but i liked your style to convey your message about definit and indefinit articles and you succeed in are a great man gara and iam glad to be your friend realy and i will learn from you alot.

  • Ni hao kevin, xie xie. I will try to raise up my voice next time. Thank you for your nice comment.
  • got it sir

  • Kamu hebat dan sangat bagus naya teman. Aku senang berkenalan dengan anda, tetapi aku tak faham kenapa kamu cantik begitu. Hey Vani! Don't tell the members of the club that I said you were beautiful. They might not approve of it. Thanks Vani for your nice comment.

  • It's wonderful sir

  • its useful video, waiting for more useful videos ,thank you.

  • thank you so much that was very informative and I would like to see more of these videos .

  • Koi baat nahi Milu! Main ap kiya khidmat kar sakta hoon? You are always welcome Milu.
  • Keep the Good working going Sir! Unitll now I never knew that we never used "an" before University.Thank you very much.  

  • Halet chetore dooste khoobam! Kaja boody? Wa mamnoon! Where have you been my good friend Mohammad? It has been a long time, I hope you are in a good condition. Thanks for that lovely gift and for your comment on my video and of course for your precious time.

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