Definite and indefinite articles

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Rules when using determiners -a- ,-an- and -the-

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  • nice lecture video, but I think it will be more interesting if there is a sample dialoque between 2 people practicing that rules

  • Nice,I really enjoy it
  • nice video , keep it up 

  • Thanks for sharing this useful vdeo,.We as learners need this type of teaching .It was very easy to understand the aticles.thanks very much.
  • that is good videos, nice for share grammar. make more to the video 

  • Thank you so much teacher Dara!

    I am pleased and delighted to get your english lessons video,

    i think have you used a slow and easy way speaking to teach us,

    that's great!

    my best regards,


  • Thank you very much

    that was interesting

  •  i saw a video: you are very good to explain grammar, and the most important that I realized, you enjoy teaching, my respect for you

  • very nice dara

  • Thank you dara!!!! very nice!!


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