DEADLIEST TORNADOES - NOVA - Discovery/Science/History (documentary)

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deadliest tornadoes - nova (documentary). thanks for watching. history discovery science earth planet channel national geographic nature world culture learni...

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  • Natural catastrophes are increasingly occurred everywhere in the world terribly devastating human lives and properties with no mercy. For example, tornadoes frequently hit some areas in the north of America arresting all activities of human life and keeping people in danger. Tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and so forth are some examples for common natural disasters humankind faces for years throughout the history. It seems that the frequency of occurring these natural calamities has been tremendously increased due to unknown reasons. At times, the impact on nature as a result of large scale, unforeseen man-planned activities would cause to accelerate these disasters because every natural system is interconnected, but arbitrary human activities always damage the network of natural systems in the world.

    At this critical moment, what people have to do! We all have to work together to understand these puzzles of nature, but it is unfortunate for us that we run in a different path. We think about the WARS against humanity! We think about the EXPLOITATION against humanity! We think about the KILLINGS against humanity! We think about making TERRIBLE WEAPONS against humanity! We think about the DISCRIMINATION against humanity! However, we don’t think about how to use our knowledge and experiences to make a better world for all humans free from all barriers to a decent human life. Are we moving in reverse way?


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