Continue to explain about the past simple and present perfect

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  • well-done

  • keep moving

  • very good

  • Great to looking this video dara!!!!!

  • Nice, thanks for this lesson :)

  • nice lesson... you look so innocent

  • For the never ending transfer of learning, thank you so much Sir Dara!

  • Thanks you so much

  • Wonderful video . U have good way to explain.
    Thanx a lot
    Kindly, can u explain passive and active sentences?
  • Useful video Dara, i have an example:

    Present Perfect

    Lana del Rey has sung a lot of songs that became hits.

    (Lana is alive, she can still sing)

    Past Simple

    Michael Jackson sang a lot of songs that became hits.

    (Michael is dead, he can't sing)

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