"Closer" - The Chainsmokers // Halsey (Alex Goot & ATC)

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It is tooo fast..... But meaningful.....😊😊

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  • To hookup on the backseat of a car with your ex after 4 years not seeing each other... yeah, not my idea of meaningful... it's more about being immature and stupid... but hey... people are different. ;) 

    • Haha.. c'mon!  Life's short :D

      I had to read the lyrics tho :/

    • LOL now we know what you're up to... XD
      But please don't write a poem about it, and call it 'love of your life' after she left you the next morning. :-P

      Greetings ;)

    • A sorrow poem? Nah... no worries.

      Just one note, never say never  :p

      Greetings back!

    • I didn't say "never do this!" I am no preacher...
      I said "immature and stupid", I repeat "immature and stupid" 
      Note to self: immature and stupid!  ;-D 


    • ‪O.K. You're right, the backseat of a car is not the best choice for a serious mature mind.‬

    • LOL I don't want to be right... I was talking about meeeeee... please enjoy your backseat... or whatev... ;)

      Note to self: Don't talk to passionate Spaniards. They wouldn't understand.^^

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