Charles Aznavour-Yesterday When I was Young (lyrics)

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  • Though....gosh how sad...Why do you listen to such music ....(((?

    Let me add one then to yours, heh:

    • Thank you O.M. thank you very much.

      It was so good.

  • Wonderful one. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Babai , Thank you ! You reminded me my yought !.. When I was  teeneger listening the hit albums , also I remember the MAY WAYof Frank Sinatra .. have a good weekend .. A.M.

    • And now, the end is near;

      And so i face the final curtain...


    • Your words....I FACE....what do you want to say with this?


    • This is part of the lyrics of Frank Sinatra's song My Way.

    • Oh....hhh...ok. Got you.

    • Oh, come on! The end is always one knows when.. no one knows how it looks like...Maybe it was yesterday ... Though yeah...corona will make anyone think like that. Cheer up )))

      Stay safe and sound. 

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